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In 1682 Cristopher Taylor emigrated to the United States along with Willam Penn with whom he participated in the founding of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania where he served as first registrar and Justice of the Peace.

In 1795 part of the Taylor family moved to Madison Co, Ohaio. There, years later, Fanny and James Mark Taylor were born. Fanny traveled to Buenos Aires in 1891 and married George Newbery, uncle and namesake of the renowned aviator.


James Mark came to our Patagonia later, in 1896 with his brothers Blaine and Judson to administer the lands of Mr. Newbery. First in Fortín Chacabuco in the Nahuel Huapi area and then until 1912 in Estancia la Primavera in Traful.


In 1918 James acquired Estancia Chapelco in San Martin de los Andes, dedicating himself to sheep farming. His son, Theron B. Taylor - “Don Búster” - and father of the current president of Estancia Chapelco SA, Jorge Taylor, followed the path of innovation and progress incorporating forestry and real estate development. Three generations installed and working on the prosperity of these lands nestled in one of the most beautiful landscapes in southern Argentina. In 2000, following the entrepreneurial drive of his family, Jorge Taylor founded this real estate development giving it a unique feature; the installation of one of the most important golf courses in our country summoning none other than Jack Nicklaus for its design. Later, the construction and start-up of the Hotel Loi Suites and the urban subdivision forged the identity of one of the most desired places to live and vacation in San Martín de los Andes.


"We thought about every detail when we dreamed of Chapelco Golf & Resort that with much effort, today is a reality that marks a milestone in the area for the values it offers, from nature to services. We consolidate a unique and valued urbanization in the region . "



San Martín de los Andes


To the southeast of the province of Neuquén and 640 meters above sea level, in 1898 San Martín de los Andes was founded, a territory until then in dispute with Chile populated by Araucan, Tehuelche and Creole communities, Argentine Army soldiers and Dutch immigrants. French, English and Chilean.


In 1937 the Lanín National Park was founded to put an end to forestry activity that had a negative impact on the environment. From that fact, tourism begins to be key to its progress.


Today, still with more than 32,000 inhabitants, its appearance and lifestyle preserves the village climate where various cultures coexist among the original peoples and the Central European style of the first immigrants who settled in the place. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful corners of the Argentine Patagonia and desired by many who prefer mountain landscapes, silence and contact with nature.

how to get?

Land route with own or rented vehicle


Direct flights from the City of Buenos Aires to the Gaspar Campos de San Martín de los Andes airport located 4 km from the Resort.


Flight from Buenos Aires to Neuquén airport, then land transfer. (450 km)

Companies from different parts of the country:

Via Bariloche


Arrow Bus


among other...

Flight from Buenos Aires to the San Carlos de Bariloche International Airport, then land transfer (200 km along the Route of the 7 Lakes)

Cómo llegar

REAL ESTATE management

ESTANCIA CHAPELCO SA, thanks to its vast experience in the real estate market of San Martín de los Andes, advises on the enhancement and commercialization of urban and rural properties beyond the mountain complex. Make your inquiry and get advice from our experts to get the best benefits from your property for sale or rent.

APPRAISAL, sale and rent

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